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How We Became Glasgows Experts In Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers are 20th and 21st-century tech and they work, that is the single best reason for using a laser to effectively remove a tattoo, new lasers, when used skillfully have a close to 100% success rate when it comes to […]

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Our “Ultimate” Guide To Tattoo Removal In Glasgow

Laser Tattoo Removal
1962 saw the first use of a medical laser in tattoo removal in LA USA, however, its 2018 and we have brought a far more advanced version of this technology to Glasgow!
Laser tattoo removal has been and is […]

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Getting The Most Our Of Your Treatment

First and foremost, realize that the laser treatment is only one step in the process. It is actually your immune system that is doing the heavy lifting. The pulsed laser breaks the ink into microparticles, but it is your lymphatic […]

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My First Day At The Studio In Central Glasgow

I have a confession to make, I have (or rather had) a tattoo on my left arm, just a little ways down from my shoulder that my girlfriend’s name in red ink. Wow, when I got that tat I was […]

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