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My First Day At The Studio In Central Glasgow

I have a confession to make, I have (or rather had) a tattoo on my left arm, just a little ways down from my shoulder that my girlfriend’s name in red ink. Wow, when I got that tat I was in love, with the tat, with the girl, with life and I thought I was Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Titanic” saying, “I’m the King of the World”.

Of course, I wasn’t, and the fact I was only 17 when I got the tat caused a huge riff with my parents (I understand now mom) and eventually breaking up with my 16yo girlfriend. Young love, it’s not all destined to last.

Okay, let’s jump forward a few years, the tat caused me a lot of issues, with other girls of course, in professional circles and my mom would always smirk when I brought up the topic.

Well, now I was an adult and I knew that something had to be done, of course, I didn’t know at the time it would affect my career choice, but it did, but that comes a little later in my story.

I was talking to my Uncle and asked him what could be done about my tat, or did I simply have to live with it? As luck or providence would have it, he rolled up his sleeve and I could just barely make out a faded tattoo on his arm. Seems he’d also had the second thought in his later years and opted for laser tattoo removal.

We talked about it for a while and he offered to go with me to the local tattoo removal parlor here in Glasgow

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