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Our “Ultimate” Guide To Tattoo Removal In Glasgow

Laser Tattoo Removal

1962 saw the first use of a medical laser in tattoo removal in LA USA, however, its 2018 and we have brought a far more advanced version of this technology to Glasgow!

Laser tattoo removal has been and is still the gold standard for tattoo removal due to the balance it strikes between effective removal (simple, safe and fantastic results) and potential side effects like scarring. Other methods such as surgical excision and some questionable injectable methods can leave a far less desirable after effect with discolouration, scaring or other such unpleasantries as common outcomes.

Laser tattoo removal technology works by allowing the light produced by the laser to pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles. The body then disposes of these fragments via its immune system.

20 Million Brits Have A Tattoo

What ever the reason for wanting to get a tattoo removed you are not the first or alone in your dilemma. The whole tattoo removal industry is in growth and techniques and technology advancing monthly to create more effective, less painful and less intrusive methods of ridding skin of unwanted tattoos.

The number of people getting tattoos is at an all time high and the most recent data from 2014 suggests that 40% of young adults have a tattoo, this research was carried out by and it is out opinion that in the 4 years since the survey popularity has done nothing but increase. Harris interactive reported that the of the tattooed population almost 15% have some form of regret.

We don’t want to spend too long dwelling on stats but did want to hammer home the point that having a tattoo you don’t like doesn’t make you weird and, in fact, is not even unusual. If anything it is becoming more normal every day.

Dr Patel, the medical director of PHI Clinic has been quoted as saying “Tattoo removal is the largest growth sector in cosmetic procedures, not just in the UK but worldwide”.

Laser Tattoo Removal Pain

There is a lot of discussion online about how painful laser tattoo removal is but after spending hours reading this and having performed countless removal procedures we can tell you with certainty that most of what you read is sensationalised nonsense!

At this stage most sites like to enter into a caveat which basically makes their rest of their page pointless reading where they will say something along the lines of “everyone is different and pain tolerances vary so the amount of pain will vary but….”. This statement basically discredits their own writing, the best way to understand the level of pain associated with laser tattoo removal is to compare that level of pain to when you had the original tattoo. By having a measuring stick by which you can compare to you can remember and understand what you are getting yourself into.

But first – consider your options

Before going any further consider that tattoo removal is not your only or often best option, if you do want to clear the tattoo totally from your skin then you can skip this bit but often a cover up job can work wonders. Usually the smaller a tattoo is the easier this type of job is but our skilled artist can easily cover larger tattoos or even totally change the design to something you may prefer. Have a look at the below for some examples of what a cover up job can do.

If you were not happy with your original tattoo because it did not turn out as well as you liked, you want to change a rose into a dragon or cover up a name with a unique design of your own we can help.

Does getting a tattoo removed hurt more than having a tattoo?

One of the big pain factors in our opinion with getting a tattoo removed vs having a tattoo is overall enjoyment factor. When you go for a tattoo, even though it can hurt and you do feel pain, the overall experience can be enjoyable and even euphoric… When going for a tattoo the opposite it soften the case.

The experience of having a tattoo removed is often something people do not look forward to, view as an expense/necessity and viewed with dread. This mindset in itself is often enough to make the removal experience far less pleasant than the tattoo experience.

Straight answer on the pain

Laser tattoo removal hurts more than having a tattoo but its not like toothache and its not going to leave you in agony. Whenever we have carried out a tattoo removal regardless of what method was used we always ask the customer to fill out a feedback from with details of their experience. The average response on the “pain scale” is that the process of removal is “slightly less pleasant than having a tattoo” and the after effects are comparable to very mild sunburn.

There are several optional combination treatments that can be used in addition to the laser removal to reduce discomfort. Numbing cream can be used which can diminish pain by 30-40%, however, there is also the option of local numbing injections for the really sensitive, however, in all seriousness we would question the level of discomfort an injection would cause vs the removal process with numbing cream. It is an option and something that we do offer our clients but really, you wont need it! Numbing cream and injections can be used in combination if you are really soft!

How long does laser tattoo removal take?

Laser tattoo removal usually takes a few treatments but it depends on what is been removed. People often jump to the conclusion that this means the size of the tattoo is the biggest deciding factor when it comes to how many sessions or the type of session needed and, while that plays into things a little, the real factor here is the type or colours of ink used.

The most significant factors that impact how effective laser tattoo removal are (and please note these factors impact how many treatments will be needed not how effective it will be overall, for example, regarding body placement, this does not mean cannot remove a tattoo from your foot just that it may take longer):

  • The type of ink
    Tattoos made up of black/dark and green ink are often the most stubborn and will take multiple sessions. In order to give you an accurate idea of the number of sessions needed, really, we need to see that tattoo. A photo would be enough, anyone giving you a general number without looking at the tattoo is misleading you. Tattoo removal is something that needs to be done right first time and it is important to understand that no one, no matter what level of experience they have, can give you an exact number as to how many treatments it will take to remove your tattoo but estimates are possible.
  • The location on the body
    The closer a tattoo is to your heart the more effective treatments are. This is down to the blood pressure been higher closer to your heart. This means that chest and back tattoos are usually less effort to remove than wrist or foot tattoos.
  • Your skin tone
    The laser does not discriminate, this is a limitation of the treatment process as it is today. Things are advancing all the time but at the moment the treatment works by destroying pigmentation and this means it will be equally effective at destroying your skin colour and your tattoo. Dark skinned people in particular should be aware of this.

Due to everyone’s skin and immune system been different and reacting differently it is not possible to give a finger in the air estimate, one way to get a good idea is to have an initial treatment and use the progress made by that treatment as a benchmark to make a more educated estimate as to how many treatments will be needed. We offer a free initial consultation to help with this uncertainty and to give you a best endeavours estimate as to the number of treatments needed.

Prior to starting a treatment plan and also part of your consultation if you chose we will carry out a test treatment patch so we can assess your skin reaction to the laser treatment. This will allow us to understand the best energy levels for you and your skins likely reaction to the treatment. The test patch is a great starting point but we will review progress and tweak everything as the treatment progresses so that you get the absolute best outcome from your treatments.

Treatments are administered 4-6 weeks appart, one thing we can say is we have never had to administer more than 12 treatments before.

So – to begin removing an unwanted tattoo, for a free consultation or to explore your cover up options give us a call today on Freephone 0800 0119 174.

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