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Tattoo Removal Cream

The most important takeaway from this post is this, there are no tattoo removal creams on the market that are approved by the FDA. That fact alone should send up a red flag of warning.

What Are Tatoo Removal Creams?

Essentially they are a marketing ploy designed to sell you something, they don’t work and can be dangerous to use without medical supervision.

Their claim is that when the cream is applied to the tattoo, it will fade and eventually erase the tattoo, but that isn’t the case.

FACT: Most tattoo removal creams don’t advertise complete removal, only that they will make your tattoo-less noticeable.

The truth is that tattoo removal creams can cause burning and scarring and there is more than one horror story to substantiate this.

If you’ve made the decision to remove your tattoo, you want to do so in a safe and healthy way. Also, when done, you want the tattoo to be erased, not simply a dim image of what used to be there.

It’s certainly easy enough to prepare a smart marketing page, and that is, for the most part, what tattoo creams do. Some claim to peel away the upper level of skin while others claim to replace the white blood cells, the ones that actually contain the ink. That is a complete fabrication, as the ink is much deeper than the upper dermis layer.

Because of this, not only are tattoo creams ineffective, at best they will simply fade your tattoo and have the potential to leave a scar in its place.

Trichloroacetic Acid

Some of these creams contain trichloroacetic acid, which can be used by medical professionals in certain skin care applications. It is not, however, designed for tattoo removal and if used improperly at home, it can cause pain, burning and possible scarring.

Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, some of these creams contain trichloroacetic acid which in its pure form is regulated by the FDA, however, that is not the case when blended into a cream. This essentially means you are voluntarily placing an acid on your skin without the medical knowledge of what could potentially happen.

Listed below are some of the side effects that may be experienced when using a tattoo removal cream.

  • redness
  • rashes
  • rning
  • peeling
  • permanent scarring
  • permanent skin discoloration

CAUTION: Should you have allergies, the use of these creams has the potential to cause a life-threatening situation. It is advised never to use a tattoo removal cream unless specifically directed to do so by a medical professional.

Allergic reactions from these creams can potentially cause any of the following:

  • rashes
  • hives
  • swelling
  • difficulty breathing
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • anaphylaxis

If Creams Don’t Work How Can I Safely Remove a Tatoo?

The best and safest way is with laser tattoo removal by a certified professional. The better informed you are, the better your eventual decision concerning your tattoo. We encourage you to get in touch with a member of our staff for a free, no obligation consultation. We’re more than happy to answer any questions concerning tattoo removal creams as compared to laser removal treatments.

Laser surgery

Laser tattoo removal is a specially crafted laser designed specifically for this purpose. It sends pulses of energy directly into the ink of the tattoo, breaking it into microparticles which are then flushed away by the body’s natural elimination process.

NOTE: There may be some minor discomfort during and after your laser treatments. This discomfort is minimal and can be remedied by the use of Neosporin to speed the healing and prevent any possible infection.


The costs of the complete removal of a tattoo using laser removal treatments will vary based on the size, color, and placement of your tattoo. Please get in touch for more details.

NOTE: Even using the latest laser technology for removal takes time, there is no magic solution. Typically, using the latest laser removal techniques, you will likely need between 3 to 8 treatments.

How Can I Know Which is the Right Choice?

First, do your homework and feel free to call or email at any time for more information. We like our clients to be well informed. Do take note of the fact that each of us is unique, and your tattoo may look similar to someone else, but based on your skin type. may be easier or more difficult to remove. Beyond that is the size and color of the ink, all considerations we’re happy to explain during your free consultation.

Questions to Ask

How effective is the removal process for my skin type?

What type of treatment do you recommend?

What are the costs involved?

How long is each treatment?

How many treatments will I need for complete removal?

What are my risks?

What type of pain is involved?

Do you use any type of numbing during the treatments?

While I’m healing, can I go about my daily routine?

How can I best prepare for the treatment?

What is the success rate of your removal process?

Give us a call or use the form on our site to ask any of the above questions, or any others you may think of.