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Treatment Options

We embrace technology, particularly where our patients are concerned. With that thought, we’re proud to offer Glasgow the latest state-of-the-art laser removal technology, the Pico based laser tattoo removal system termed Cynosure PicoSure and Cynosure Rev-lite SI.



What This Means To You

Most laser tattoo removal clinics offer a single type of laser which is based on the initial expense and training involved, preferring to remain with q-switched technology. We’ve stepped up our game, employing the latest and safest lasers available.

Beyond the mere safety of the equipment. By having multiple lasers in our office, we’re able to better serve you, no matter the color of your tattoo or skin type.

NOTE: We utilize a multi-wavelength procedure that reduces the number of procedures required.

Traditional vs. Technology

Laser technology, just like our Smartphones, advances over time and in order to provide the best care for our clients, upgrades are needed.

Why We Upgraded

While the q-switch, at the time, was revolutionary, it still took between 10 – 15 treatments which were lengthy and expensive. Utilizing PicoSure tech and current techniques, we’ve been able to reduce the number of visits to between3 – 6 visits for green and blue inks, once the more difficult colors to remove and 4 – 8 visits on deep black inks.

FACT: Historically, the most difficult colors to remove were green, blue, purple and red, but that has changed with PicoSure and most are very satisfied with the results.


Many potential clients are concerned with the amount of pain they may experience with laser tattoo removal. We’re happy to report that not only are the number of visits decreased but when using PicoSure the procedure itself causes less discomfort and the healing time is much faster.

If you’d like to know more about PicoSure Technology and how it can help you remove your tattoo, please give us a call or use the convenient form on our site to get in touch.

Here’s to healthy and happy skin.