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How We Became Glasgows Experts In Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers are 20th and 21st-century tech and they work, that is the single best reason for using a laser to effectively remove a tattoo, new lasers, when used skillfully have a close to 100% success rate when it comes to removing tattoos.

It could be you got your tattoo the day you turned 18 on a cold winters night in Glasgow, late on a Saturday night on shore leave from the Navy or drunk the first time you went on holiday without the parents. That is for you to know and the rest of us can only guess…. I got my fiest one in Blythswood (Glasgow) about 20 years ago if you are taking notes!

Fast forward to now, year’s later and you’re wondering why you have the tattoo of a dragon on your left calf, heck that was before “Game of Thrones” so you’ve got no real excuse. There’s only one thing certain, now that’s you’ve turned 30, it’s time for a new chapter in your life and you’ve opted to have your tattoo removed.

Let’s get one thing settled first off….

There is NO effective home remedy and if you want the removal done right, you need to have it done professionally. Certainly, there are creams on the market that purport to work wonders but be wary of such claims as there is no scientific proof and more than one horror story.

Laser tattoo removal is the only proven method but even then, not all lasers are created equally.
Like every type of technology, lasers have evolved over the years. For years there were only lasers that pulsed in nanoseconds with longer tattoo removal times. That has changed, or evolved might be a better word, today the buzzword is picoseconds, which is a laser that pulses in trillionths of a second. Now that’s fast and because of that speed, laser tattoo removal has become much more effective.

The costs involved will vary from city to city but the number of treatments is fairly consistent. If you have a small tattoo the average is four treatments with a pico laser and eight with a nano.

FACT: No matter the size of your tattoo, it’s going to cost more to remove it than it cost to have it applied.

Wave Length

Unfortunately, there isn’t one laser that works for every color ink and red is the more difficult color. Most facilities can’t afford to have every type of laser on site, so they have to make a choice based on the average customer with tattoos that are black or blue.

FACT: The most difficult colors to remove are red and yellow.


“Very manageable”, said one patient.

“Didn’t feel a thing”, said another.

The facts are, you don’t need to be afraid of the pain, there are multiple ways to reduce or eliminate the pain from lidocaine to chilled air.

There is one sensation you need to be prepared for, the smell of burning flesh. That’s not said to alarm you, merely to prepare you, since it’s normal for the procedure. It’s called a laser plume, which is one reason the doctor will wear protective glasses and a surgical mask.

However, improvements have been made in that area also. There is now a silicone patch which traps the plume effectively catching any particles and cutting down on the smell of burning flesh.

People with lighter skin may need to avoid the sun more than those with a darker complexion, but when it comes to tattoo removal, the lighter skin wins. Darker skin may lose some pigmentation during the removal process creating an area of lighter skin. Of course, there is a fix for this, you can use a laser with longer wavelengths or after treatment, use a UV laser designed to treat eczema. This type of treatment brings the pigmentation back, but not every tattoo removal facility will have this type of laser, so be sure and ask.

While laser tattoo removal is without a doubt the best technology of our day, it should be noted that the success of the removal process will depend, to a degree, on where the tattoo is located. It much more difficult to remove a tattoo from a finger or ankle, than from your shoulder or back. The reason is simply the way your body functions, the further from your heart, the more difficult it is for your body to flush the ink particles.

FACT: The easiest area from which to remove a tattoo is the face.

The Better the Tatoo the More Difficult it Will be to Remove

That’s not based on sentiments, though that may influence your decision. The fact is simply this, the better the tattoo artist, the more likely he will have chosen to use the best ink and utilized the best tools to apply your tattoo. This effectively means the ink will be at a deeper level and more difficult to access.
The good news is that as lasers continue to improve
the number of treatments needed to erase your tattoo will drop. It’s likely never going to be only one visit, but the difference between four and eight visits has a direct effect on your money and self-esteem.

Why Do We Like Laser Tattoo Removal?

We like and use the laser in our office because it is the best, most cost-effective way to achieve tattoo removal.

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